Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get To Camp Tulahead? 

We are located just north of Princeton, BC.

From Vancouver, take Hwy #1 to the junction of Hwy 3 (at Hope), then take Hwy 3 east to Princeton. Once in Princeton, take Hwy 5A North (towards Merritt), and follow it for 20km. You’ll see our sign on the left hand side of the Hwy!

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What Time is Check-in/Check-out?

Camper check-in is between 4 and 5 pm on Sunday, and at 5pm our official welcome happens and parents are welcome to stay for this.  Check-out is Saturday at 10:00AM. If you anticipate you will be late for either of these times, please let us know. We are unable to accomodate early check in as all of our staff are in meetings preparing for the upcoming week.  

What Kind Of Activities Do You Have?

We offer the following activities as part of our daytime activity program: outdoor adventure; canoeing/kayaking; archery; climbing wall; and teamwork challenge. Each camper is assigned to an activity group and during the day they rotate around to the different activities with their group.  We also have free time in the afternoon where campers can enjoy: swimming, water inflatables (trampolines, iceberg, slide, log, mini blob), canoeing, kayaking, zip-lining, hiking, general store, basketball, volleyball, skateboarding, playground (swings, teeter totters, tetherball).  During the evening the campers participate in theme nights where they can dress up, and evening activities in their teams for the week.  

Can My Child Be In A Cabin With Their Friends?

Yes, your child will get to be with at least one of the cabin pals they write down on their form. There is space for more than one name, but we cannot guarantee all cabin pals, but we will try our best to accommodate. Please make sure all requests are made prior to camp, as we cannot accommodate last minute requests.

What Kinds Of Meals Do The Kids Eat?
What Are Your Policies Around Dietary Needs?

Not to brag, but our food is awesome! We eat our meals family-style, and we serve well-balanced meals with a good mix of fun (for the kids) and health (for their well-being). We may be able to accommodate certain dietary needs. Please contact us at least two weeks prior to their arrival at camp.   Camp Tulahead is a nut aware facility. Which means we are aware of the nuts used in our facilities and if we are made aware of our campers' allergies we will work together to provide a safe environment for them.

How Safe Is It To Send My Child To Your Camp?

Our staff to camper ratio is 3:1, and our summer staff members are all trained in basic first aid and emergency procedures. All of our activities follow legal safety standards, and we take extra precautions to be redundant in our safety policies. We also have a first aid attendant, with level 2 occupational first aid (OFA), on site.

Can I PHONE My Child, Or Can My Child PHONE Me While At Camp?

Due to the way it causes homesickness in some campers, and how it detracts from the camp program, we generally discourage phone contact between campers and their families during the week. However, there is a phone available for extenuating circumstances, and you can leave messages with the office assistant if you need your child to contact you. We strongly encourage sending letters to your child – it is exciting to get mail from the “outside world”, and it certainly adds to your child’s week. Or you can send a message through our online messaging system found here.

What If My Child Is Wait Listed?

If your child is wait listed, we can tell you what number they are on the wait list so that you have an idea of the probability of a space becoming available to them. Anytime a space becomes available, your child will move up a space on the wait list, and we will inform you right away if they are able to get a spot in the requested camp. Sometimes the other camp date for the same age group has availability while the other is full, so check to see if the other date is a possibility for your child.

How Many Children Are In A Cabin? What Kind Of Accommodations Are They?

There are 7 campers to a cabin, with one cabin leader that stays in the cabin with them. But our cabin buildings are actually made up of 2 cabins – side by side – so another staff member is right next door with their own cabin of 7. Our cabins are carpeted and heated and each contain 4 sets of built in bunk beds and 4 closets for storage.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Cancellations must be made 3 weeks prior to camp in order to a refund (please bear in mind that the $60 deposit is non-refundable). Any cancellations made after that cannot be refunded.

Are The Children Supervised At All Times?

Our staff to camper ratio is 3:1, and there are always staff members present at all activities during the day. We brief the campers on safety issues at the beginning of the week so that they are aware of the rules and guidelines. The day is planned in such a way that there is not much opportunity for a child to not be accounted for – with activities and cabin time, your child is constantly under the care of at least one staff member.

How Much “Religion” Is There?

We are a non-denominational Christian camp, which is to say that we are not affiliated with any one particular church. Any child, from any religious (or non-religious) background is welcome. We have different speakers each week who share with the campers at chapel and campfire. The cabin leaders do a short devotional with their campers before bed.