Jr. Staff

The Jr. Staff position is a new addition to Tulahead’s LIGHT Program. It is the final level for students going into Grade 12 who have completed the previous levels of the program. This level is different from the others, as the participants commit to the entire summer. During their time at Tulahead, they will practice skills gained from previous years and take on more responsibility, with daytime activities, program assistance, and other tasks asked of them. They will experience what is means to be at camp for the entire summer, preparing them not only for a potential future position at Tulahead, but will give them skills and a maturity that will benefit them with any future job.

As this is a bursary position, at the end of the summer each applicant will receive a pre-decided amount of money for their service to Camp Tulahead.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at light@camptulahead.com