General Safety

Your child's safety and care are of utmost importance to us. We have outlined some of the elements of our care and procedures below. Please pay careful attention to what is required of you. Working together and keeping in good contact, we can ensure your children are well cared for and able to enjoy a happy, memorable week with us.

Medical Information & Forms

Please read before completing any camper medical forms.

  • Unless online registration/medical form is completed, then every parent/guardian must download and fill out the basic medical form on their child.

  • Regardless of online registration, campers with medications, asthma, diabetes, ADD/ADHD, and severe allergic reactions must have an additional form completed by their parent/guardian. Forms found below.

  • If medical information changes prior to the first day of camp, we require updated medical form be filled out and brought on the first day of camp with the camper to provide the best medical care for your child.

Camper Medical Policies

Please read through the following camper medical policies.

  1. Campers with asthma, diabetes, anaphylaxis and any other medical conditions that have potential hospital intervention, must have an additional information form completed by the parent/guardian, see below for forms

  2. All medications brought to camp must be in the original bottle or detailed in a blister pack (available through your pharmacist) and have a Medication Form filled out

  3. Parents, please recognize that campers are minors in our care. They are not permitted to keep any medications in their cabins, including inhalers.

  4. Any camper identified as a bedwetter by the parent/guardian must bring extra sheets to camp with them, to ensure proper sanitary provisions for the camper. Some soiled garments will be disposed of and not attempted to clean, full discretion is given to the First Aid Attendant.

  5. Any camper with stated allergies on the medical information form, must bring the appropriate allergy medication (antihistamines, epi-pen, etc.)

  6. Parents/Guardians are required to speak with the First Aid Attendant prior to camp about their child’s medical condition. THIS CANNOT BE DONE BY ANY OTHER PERSON THAN THE PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN OR BY USING A NOTE, NOR BY HAVING THE CHILD RELAY THE INFORMATION, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT YOU ARE DROPPING OFF YOUR CHILD. The phone conversation will be documented to ensure accuracy of understanding between legal guardians and our staff.

  7. The Camp Director reserves the right to refuse any camper for who he/she feels the camp staff cannot provide adequate health care and/or supervision, out of concern for the camper’s health and safety.

  8. Failure to disclose medical problems or concerns at the time of registration could result in early camper dismissal. (No refund of camper fees will be given for the early dismissal or departure of a camper.)

  9. Parents will be notified in the event their child becomes ill with the exception of homesickness. It will be the parent's decision to take their child home early unless the First Aid Attendant deems the child's condition is too severe for staff to manage during daily activities or too infectious.

  10. Every effort will be made to contact the parents/guardians listed in the event of an  emergency. If the parent/guardian is unable to be contacted, an adult leader of Camp Tulahead will arrange transportation for the camper to the nearest suitable medical facility. By signing the medical information form the parent/guardian has agreed to this arrangement.

  11. Camp Tulahead is to be considered an outpost first-aid station and as such it may not be equipped to deal with certain medical problems; in such cases an ambulance will be called. The closest hospital is 20 minutes from our facilities.

  12. Parent/Guardian signatures on the medical information form authorizes an adult leader of Camp Tulahead, as an agent for them, to consent to any x-ray examination; medical or dental treatment; and hospital care advised and supervised at a licensed facility under the laws of the province.

  13. Parents/Guardians are financially responsible for any emergency medical and/or dental care given.

  14. Certain information on the medical information form may be shared with staff members in order to ensure the safety of the camper.

2019 Medical Form is required for all campers – please send it in with your child’s registration form.

Note: Any changes or updates of medical information are requested at check-in on updated medical form.

If Applicable, the following forms must also be filled out.