Tulahead Alumni

Tulahead Alumni know what it’s about ...

It's about Shared vision... pulling together for the same purpose... discovering how to dig deep and get it done and done well... memories of time spent connecting... time spent grinding it out in the long days and short nights .. crazy antics and all the laughter that goes with them... knowing that eternity is changed forever because of what we did... that we are never the same because of these experiences ... that the lives of children, families and the world are never the same because of love poured out through our lives! 

Tulahead is what it is because of every single person's investment. We are truly a collective of the individual input of so many and no one can claim a single piece. The flavour that Tulahead is famous for is not a thing, not an activity, not a schedule - it is people, working together for the good of each other.

If you are a former camper or staff member and would like to get re-connected with Tulahead, email us and let us know how you would like to be involved – we’re always looking for support and volunteers, and love nothing more than to have our former campers and staff contribute back to the ministry.

We want to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to call or email us to update us on where you are and what you are doing!

Email: info@camptulahead.com Phone: 250-295-6233


Alumni and Friends 2020 Weekend - TBA

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