Hi campers, my name is Azul and I have been involved in Camp Tulahead all my life. In the past I have been a camper, Lighter, cabin leader, and this year I will be camp’s office assistant. I am currently attending Trinity Western University for pre-Nursing. This past year I have been putting all of my time and concentration into school, family, and friends. I love travelling, creating art, and doing outdoor activities. Camp is an amazing place and I am so happy to be involved in camp for another summer and see so many familiar faces. I am excited to see God’s plan for this upcoming summer!



Hey everyone! My name is Halo and I’m super excited to be back at camp this Summer. This past year I started back at school studying social and criminal justice. I’m excited to be back because I love camp so much and cannot wait to see all the previous campers and hopefully meet many new faces and help them fall as in love with camp as I am. I love exploring new places, singing way too confidently to music, and well-placed puns. See you soon!


Hey campers! My name is Cobalt and I am so pumped to be out at camp again this summer! This will be my tenth summer at Tulahead and my third year on staff. I was a camper for 5 years and in the LIGHT program for 2. I just finished my second year studying to be a youth pastor at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. A quarter of this past school year, I spent in Greece on a study abroad program which was such an amazing time!

Camp has been a huge part of my life where I’ve grown a lot and helped others grow as well. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with past campers and staff as well as making new connections with those of you I have yet to meet. I am passionate about sports and love playing, watching and even reffing them. I can’t wait to see you this Summer!

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Hello Parents and Campers!

My name is Dodge and this will be my second year as a Cabin Leader working with Camp Tulahead. I have been a Camper at this camp since 2009 and am very excited to share this experience with you. A little about Myself, I am originally from Merritt B.C and am looking into moving to Abbotsford in may. One thing I am passionate about is Music. I was involved in 5 different musical groups/classes when I was still in high school and I continue to play and sing now that i'm graduated. I can't wait to meet you and I'll see you this summer!


band Aids

Hello everyone. I am excited to be returning to Tulahead this summer. I am looking forward to hot summer afternoons, plunging into the lake, hot chocolate at campfire, and the company of awesome campers like you! It has been an exciting year for Band Aids... I have been to Africa! That was an amazing experience. I went with a group of students from my school and we stayed with families in a village where we have a sister school. Really hot weather, amazing people and lots of wildlife. It is an experience I will never forget. I am looking forward to seeing you all back at Camp Tulahead this summer and hearing all about YOUR adventures.



My name is Gazelle and I live in the Similkameen Valley. I am currently an online high school student. I work once a week leading an after-school program and I work on-call at Rockridge Canyon. I enjoy working with children and youth. I believe that Camp Tulahead is an amazing place where children can go to have fun outside and experience engaging activities in a safe environment whilst learning about God. These are the reasons are why I can’t wait to work at Camp Tulahead this summer. I am most passionate about working with children in third world countries, and helping wherever I can.



My name is Lightning, I have a love for summer camp and have not missed a summer in 20 years. My favourite hobbies include reading, fishing and video games.



My name is Julianna Lasaga. I live in Kamloops, where I have a full time job at save on foods. I am quite excited to be at Tulahead this summer as camp really changed my life and I can't wait to help it change others lives aswell. One thing that I am passionate about is making a positive impact on people.