Impact is greater when we work together!

Thank you for considering supporting us. There are a variety of options explained below. Read through and get a sense of how you would like to partner with us! Don't hestitate to ask us any questions by emailing us at


Volunteer Support

Volunteer support is an invaluable contribution to our mission here at Tulahead. This type of support greatly helps to keep our costs down which directly supports our desire to keep summer camp costs low and accessible for children and families. Not only do we need volunteers throughout our summer camp program but throughout the year we are involved in fundraising campaigns, facility cleaning and upgrading, and promotional activities. If these are opportunities that you would like to help with, please visit our Volunteer page or email us at for more information. 

Monthly Financial Support

Pre-Authorized giving allows us to develop, sustain and build the programs we feel God is calling us to steward. By committing even a small amount monthly to the ongoing work of Camp Tulahead, you allow us to plan wisely to ensure the camp can be well supported for many years to come.

There are two very convenient ways for you to begin a monthly partnership with Tulahead:

1. Our Friends Program

The Friends program gives individuals the opportunity to support the ministry through regular monthly giving, with no other type of commitment involved.

Friends Application

PAD Agreement

2. Our Partner in Ministry Program

The Partners in Ministry program gives individuals the opportunity to support the ministry monthly as well as becoming a member of the Camp Tulahead Society. As a member you commit to supporting the ministry through your prayers, a monthly gift and your honest feedback at membership meetings. Currently we hold only one meeting, our Annual General Meeting in November. We may from time to time call a special meeting of the membership to get your feedback and vote on future ministry developments.

Partners in Ministry Brochure

Partners In Ministry Application

PAD Agreement

With each of these two financial support options, we can either process debits from your credit card, or withdraw a set amount from your bank account. Whichever works best for you.

If you choose to use a credit card, please fill out the form in the brochure and mail/email it to our office. For withdrawal from your bank account, download and print our PAD form for us to debit your bank account. Fill out the form and mail or scan/email it to us with a void cheque. You will be sent a letter to let you know when your monthly donations begin and the process to follow should you wish to discontinue your support.

Thank you for your consideration of our monthly financial partnership programs, we value your comments and insight, so do not hesitate to send us an email with them. 

 Staff Bursary Program

Each summer, more than 20 young people use their gifts of time and talent to work at Camp Tulahead. Their goal is to make the best summer camp experience possible for each one of the campers that comes through each week. Many of Tulahead’s summer staff return to college or university after the summer. They come for the summer because they believe in the unique ministry of Tulahead’s summer camp program, but many of them need financial help to continue with their studies, which this Bursary Fund provides.

Bursary applications are reviewed and awarded by a committee of the Camp Tulahead Society.

One Time Gifts

Tulahead is supported by the kind and generous gifts of individuals and if you are interested in giving a one time gift, you may designate it to one of the following areas.

General Fund
This includes the day to day expenditures of the camp, staff salaries, and expenses for the summer. For a complete overview, please do not hesitate to contact our office and we would be happy to provide you with the details of our yearly budget.

Camper Sponsorship Fund
Many parents and guardians would love the opportunity to send their children to camp. Unfortunately, due to financial limitations, not all are able. Our sponsorship fund seeks to ensure no camper will be unable to attend because of a lack of finances.

Emergency Fund
As facilities get older, the increase in emergency break downs increases. It is our desire to have an emergency fund available so that we can repair these issues quickly for the safety of all involved.

Strategic Giving

There are a number of creative ways that you may utilize current tax laws to provide a current or lasting legacy to our organization. For instance, did you know that if you donate certain securities to a Registered Canadian Charity that your capital gains rate is significantly reduced? There are many other planned giving opportunities and we would be happy to discuss the various possibilities with you, which include gifts through your estate plans, annuities, life insurance and others.

Please contact our Treasurer should you wish further information.

Donations & Our Wish List

We are on the lookout for ... 

  • Slushy machine for the General Store

  • Quad for the maintenance crew

  • Couches for the Extension and DH Basement

  • Fridge for the volunteers

Prayer Support

We believe that all of this is God's and we are the stewards of His work. If you would pray for us regularly, please let us know at and we will keep you in our regular mail out list. In addition, find us HERE on facebook, like our page and send us a message. We will add you to our prayer group in that forum.